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The Stories Of Misogyny In Japan

Women In Japan have taken to Twitter to protest against the ban of wearing glasses in work places after a story carried by Nippon TV reported that companies Misogyny In Japan have asked female employees to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. After this story was aired, it was said that the hashtag ‘glasses ban’ was trended on Twitter. It was also reported that a particular post that decried such prescriptive standard of appearance at workplaces was said to have raked 25, 000 retweets.

Through Twitter, it has come to light that bosses have told their female employees to wear contact lenses to make oneself more ‘feminine and appealing’ to customers. One twitter post is reported to have said that the female employee had to endure the pain of forcing contact lenses into her eyes to make oneself more presentable and thereby adhering to companies norms.The Japanese ban for wearing glasses in workplaces is restricted only for female workers and peculiarly not for men.

This compulsion on contact lenses is the latest event in Japan’s blatantly prevalent misogyny. Earlier this year, Japanese women have protested against the compulsion of wearing make-up and high heels in workplaces.

Considered highly discriminated against women, Misogyny In Japan toward ambitious working women doesn’t end with keeping a certain quota limit for female aspirants.It is reported that in Tokyo Medical University, women medical aspirants is made sure to not exceed more than 30 percent. It is also reported that ambitious women were frequently asked to get married instead of creating a ruckus asking for more equal rights and freedom.

While Japan is considered a safe country, groping against women is said to be rampant. Worse still, Japanese authorities have not accepted to acknowledge the presence of misogyny in Japan. So much so that women in Japan were reportedly harassed for joining the #MeToo movement either by holding placards or speaking it out.