Photo Credit: SCMP

With Hong Kong Polytechnic Under Seized, US Sponsored Hong Kong Act May Become Effective

A total of over 100 protesters are said to be under seized at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the US Senate have hurriedly passed the bill onto an act amid the rising violence in the Hong Kong protests. Hong Kong Polytechnic University also known as PolyU has been under seized for the past three days.

While the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act have been passed by the US Senate, it still requires the approval of US President Donald J. Trump to become effective as a law. Under this Hong Kong Human Rights And Democracy Act, Hong Kong may lose special status and may come under the ambit of Chinese imports tariff. For instance, in the new act, US trade tariff on Chinese imports may not exempt goods and products which are made and sent from Hong Kong. Under the new act, it may require the US government to produce an annual report approved by the Secretary of State that Hong Kong have maintain enough autonomy from China to enjoy its ‘distinct trading status’.

Under the new amended act, it would also allow the United States to point fingers at individuals that seemed to have encroached upon the basic freedom as well as also counter incursion to Hong Kong’s autonomy.

While analysts have said that US President Donald J. Trump may veto the act if he strikes a trade deal with China, it is said that China would ‘retaliate’ if Donald J. Trump approves the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act that have been passed by the US Senate.

The US Senate have also reportedly called for the US government to “coordinate” with allies “to promote democracy and human rights in Hong Kong”. Britain, Australia, Japan and South Korea are some the US allies mentioned by the US Senate that have been called upon for support to safeguard human rights and promote democracy.