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What is this famed Okinawa Diet

Okinawa is an island that belongs to Japan and people from this island live longer than the average population around the world. It is also found that the highest number of centenarians in the earth resides in Okinawa.

That lifespan longevity in Okinawa is credited to genetics, lifestyle as well as the traditional Okinawa diet. Low in calories and high on carbs, the famed Okinawa diet put importance on vegetables and soy products as well as on moderate consumption of rice, noodles, pork and fish. The Okinawas also believes in keeping oneself fit by indulging in physical activity and practicing mindful eating.

The staple food of the people of Okinawa consists of 60 percent vegetables that include nutrient-dense greens such as bitter melon, cabbage, green papaya as well as sweet potatoes, seaweed etc.

They also consume millet, rice, wheat and noodles that account for 33 percent of their total diet. It is also a known fact that Japanese and especially people in Okinawa have varied soy products ranging from miso, tofu, natto etc that constitute 5 percent of their total intake.

The Okinawa people also consume all kinds of fish and seafood as well as small amount of pork which more or less constitute 2 percent of the total diet. Broth, alcohol, tea, spices, again, make up to 1 percent of the remaining diet.

Also less in sugar and meat, the Okinawa diet promotes lifespan longevity and help prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.

Because the people of Okinawa majorly consume sweet potato and soy products and it is ,therefore, said that sweet potatoes are the healthiest as it has high fibre content and also have low glycemic level which meant that sugar levels doesn’t get spiked up immediately. The carotenoids present in sweet potatoes are said to be a rich source of anti-oxidants and is anti-inflamatory and thus can help prevent heart diseases and type II diabetes. Hence, the benefits of Okinawa diet is aplenty and is also said to promote weight loss.