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What Is Meiteilon

As the world celebrates Indigenous Day, let’s get to know about this little known language called Meiteilon. Spoken by the people of Manipur, which is located in northeastern India bordering Burma, Meiteilon have been classified as a ‘vulnerable language’ by the UNESCO.

Meiteilon, popularly known as Manipuri, is a Sino- Tibetan tonal language which have been recognized by the Government of India. Merely 1.8 million Manipur natives, who are akin to Southeast Asia in racial appearance, speaks the language.

Termed as one of the oldest language of present-day Northeast India, the Meiteis-the native speakers of Meiteilon, was said to be a major participant in the history of Southeast Asia before British imperialism and the creation of nation-states.

Although, efforts have been made by vigilant citizens of Manipur to revive the indigenous script of Manipur, much need to be done for it to thrive.