Photo Credit: ABC News

US Launches Separate Space Command For Combat

US President Donald J. Trump have launched a new space combat command called Spacecom – dedicated to American warfighters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, US.

In a statement, US President Donald J. Trump have said that space security is important and through the establishment of Spacecom, America puts space defence and combat as central priority. And further added that Spacecom would ensure that American dominance in space is never threatened.

US is also planning to establish the United States Space Force, which would be the 6th branch of American armed forces after US Army, Airforce, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. And the Space Force is expected to organise, train, and equip warriors to support SpaceCom’s mission.

Although US is said to have a dedicated space warfare operation under its Air Force, SpaceCom is expected to heighten the importance of space operation and showdowns by concentrating on satellites and high-altitude aircraft essential to modern-day warfare.