Photo Credit: The Independent

Tokyo Is World’s Safest City

If you are planning to relocate to another city and still can’t zeroed in, Tokyo is the answer. Not only it is the capital of the second most developed economy, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, it has aced the list of the safest cities in the world. Japan have been voted as the safest city for the past three consecutive years.

At the Safest Cities Index 2019 released by The Economist this week, Tokyo was awarded for its low crime level, infrastructure to withstand natural disasters and for digital security. A total of sixty cities were examined in four criteria ranging from digital, health, infrastructure and personal security with as many as 57 indicators.

Tokyo came in a close second after Osaka in health security whereas fourth in infrastructure and personal security. Overall, Singapore is the second safest city, followed by Osaka.

While the megacities of China such as Beijing and Shanghai came in at 31st and 32nd, Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto, Washington, Copenhagen, Seoul and Melbourne took the place from fourth to 10th. London was placed at 14th and New York at 15th.