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The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Oil Cleanser: The first thing that the Korean skincare routine do is clean the face to remove any dirt, impurities or make-up with an oil based cleanser. Oil based cleanser are said to be effective in removing impurities from the face such as the sebum, SPF and pollution related dirt. Adding water to the oil based cleanser is also said to emulsify which helps in rinsing better.

Water Based Cleanser: Korean beauty regimen recommends double cleansing with a water based cleanser after cleaning it with an oil based cleanser so that all the water based impurities such as sweat and dirt can be removed which the oil based cleanser couldn’t.

Exfoliator: Regular exfoliation is recommended as it deep cleanse the pores of any impurities leftover by the Korean method of double cleansing. It not only helps in cleaning up the dead cells but also aids in absorbing more skincare products that will be applied on the face.

Toner: This is said to be the first layer of essential skincare that is to be applied after cleansing. It helps in removing any leftover residue from the skin and also help absorb the moisturizer by re-hydrating the skin.

Essence: In most cases, Korean apply anti-aging and complexion enhancing agent such as rice extract and hydraulic acid on the face. This is said to be the second round of skincare applied on the face for better results.

Ampoule: In many cases, there are products wherein the essence and the ampoule are clubbed into one. Vitamin C, tea tree and soybeans are some of the ampoule that are used to reduce fine lines, acne and hyper-pigmentation.

Sheet Masks: Sheet Masks helps in fully absorbing the nutrients. It provides your face with more essence to be absorbed into the skin.

Eye Cream: Considered the thinnest layer of the skin, the under eye skin requires extra care and the eye-cream helps in reducing dark circles and puffiness underneath the eye.

Moisturizer: There are lotion, gel, cream etc that are available in the markets which is essential for the Korean skincare routine as moisturizer helps in reducing the fine lines from the skin.

Sunscreen: Screen-screen lotion helps in protecting from harmful UV rays thereby preventing the occurrence of skin cancer onto one’s skin.