Photo Credit: Vox

South Korean Cities Ban Japanese Firms Involved In ‘War Crimes’

South Korea’s biggest metropolis Seoul and Busan have passed an ordinance to ban 284 Japanese firms including Mitsubishi which had allegedly committed war crimes during the Japanese colonial rule of South Korea from 1910 till 1945.

For alleged use of forced Korean labour during the production of military supplies, it has requested that Japanese firms involved in ‘war crimes’ be boycotted. The said companies were also on the list of companies prepared by South Korea’s Prime Minister’s office in 2012 for committing war crimes.

South Korea and Japan have been meddled in trade war as well as historical and territorial disputes in recent times. Last month, South Korea discontinued the GSMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement) with Japan which had enabled sensitive military information sharing against North Korea.

In a Chosun Ilbo report, South Korean daily, it was said that some South Korean legislatures were voicing their opposition against the ordinance saying that banning Japanese companies because of ‘war crimes’ maybe against the law. Meanwhile, the Japanese have said repeatedly that all war reparation have been paid in a 1965 bilateral agreement.