Photo Credit: SCMP

PLA Out On Hong Kong Streets To Clear Roadblocks

Dressed in plain clothes and without guns, around 50 PLA soldiers of Hong Kong garrison were out near the Baptist University of Hong Kong to clear up the debris accumulated in that recent five days massive protests that witnessed universities turned into battlegrounds.

It is also reported that one of the soldiers have confirmed that it was sheer voluntary act and has nothing to do with the Hong Kong government. The Hong Kong protests turned violent with ‘radical protesters’ hurling self made petrol bombs in retaliation for the tear gases meted out to them by the Hong Kong police. He is reported to have said, ” We volunteered! Stopping violence and ending chaos is our responsibility,” quoting a phrase used by President Xi Jinping.

According to the Basic Law, which is said to be a mini constitution of Hong Kong, it is clearly written that PLA “shall not interfere in local affairs” and must tell the Hong Kong government in advance for “military activities such as training or manoeuvres involving public interests”. The clearing of debris by PLA is said to be opposed by 24 lawmakers, calling the action as trespassing the Basic Law.

While PLA can’t interfere inside Hong Kong without prior permission from Hong Kong government, it is said that the Hong Kong government can ask for help from PLA to maintain public order.Chinese military experts have said that there is no law to regulate as they were wearing casual clothes and clearing out the debris which is not a military action.

Hong Kong has been under agitation that saw millions of its residents out on the streets protesting against a now withdrawn extradition bill and are now demanding for democracy. Hong Kong became a part China in 1997 under the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement. Under this system, Hong Kong enjoys a relatively free market, judicial system, rule of law and a free press.