Photo Credit: People's Daily via Twitter

Opinion | China Should Be Like The Queen Vis-A-Vis Australia To Hong Kong

The Hong Kong protests doesn’t seem to fizzle out even after the withdrawal of the extradition bill. Apart from marching in front of the US consulate in Hong Kong, prominent pro democracy activists such as Joshua Wong are now camping in the United States to seek support for the Hong Kong protests on humanitarian ground.

Hong Kong already enjoys autonomy under ‘One country, Two system’ and it is only pertinent that China grant them democracy in the real sense considering the scale of the protests and the wish of Hong Kongers. Eminent Hong Kongers have aspired their island state to be like that of Singapore where the rule of law and democracy persists. Of course, the story of Shenzhen is China’s story of what can be borne out of ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ . But let Hong Kong be Hong Kong. Let Hong Kong be allowed to do well in the way they want to. China should be more like the Queen of England vis-a-vis Canada, New Zealand or Australia to Hong Kong.

China have to understand that the ethos and the moorings of the Hongkongers are different from that of the mainland Chinese, courtesy the Opium war and the subsequent influence of Britain. Also, Hong Kong constitute barely 3 percent of the Chinese economy now. It is better for China to concentrate on tripling the 97 percent of the remaining economy.

The Hong Kong protests is an amalgamation of all that is not right with the Chinese control of Hong Kong. Not very long ago, the parents of the Hong Kong protesters benefited from a real free market system and rule of law under Britain. 22 years later, their children are finding it hard to buy a house and start a family.

The protests is also about how Chinese developers from mainland China gets preferences on the housing developmental projects. From an 18 percent of the total Chinese economy, Hong Kong has now been reduced to 3 percent and the Chinese government have done very little to address this downgrading change. It is sheer apathy, on the part of Chinese government, for the grieving population who enjoyed prosperity and ‘freedom’ barely 22 years ago.