Photo Credit: USA Today

North Korea-US Talks Broke Down, Says Pyongyang

US-North Korea talks For denuclearization between US and North Korea in Sweden on Saturday reportedly didn’t yield any result. While Pyongyang have reportedly said that the talks between the two country ‘broke down’, US is said to maintain that it was a ‘good discussion’.

North Korea and US is expected to meet for further negotiation in another two weeks time. The talks that is said to have taken place within miles of the North Korean embassy in Sweden reportedly turned futile because of the contrasting assessments of each other’s expectation.

The US-North Korea talk came after a series of events that included the futile summit in Hanoi this year, and the incessant projectile tests by North Korea as well as after Pyongyang’s accusation of US inaction after every summit.

Kim Yong Gil, nuclear armed North Korea’s negotiator have said that the talks didn’t bear any fruits because the US didn’t change its old attitude. He also reportedly said that North Korea is at the crossroads of either confrontation or dialogue.

Although, the camaraderie of US President Donald J. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is widely publicised that include exchange of letters and an informal meet at the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea, all summits to reach a consensus on complete denuclearization of North Korea remained futile.

After the eight and half hour long talk that took place between US and North Korea in Sweden on Saturday, ‘Dialogue needed’ on the complete denuclearization of North Korea was the outcome statement of the US-North Korea talk that took place this weekend.

North Korea is said to have reached a certain stage in defence capability after it tested the submarine launched ballistic missile last week. The UNSC (United National Security Council) will also reportedly have a closed doors consultations next week at the behest of France, Britain and Germany as under UNSC , North Korea is not supposed to tests ballistic missiles. North Korea is also said to be under ‘heavy sanctions’ from US and UN for its weapons program.