Photo Credit: NYT

North Korea Fires Projectiles Into Sea Of Japan

North Korea is said to have fired two short-range ballistic missile on Saturday into Sea of Japan from Hamhung, a coastal town southeast of Pyongyang.The missile is said to flew 248 miles and is reported to be the second such test this week. An official statement from South Korea have said that it was a show of North Korea’s capability against the upcoming combined military exercise of South Korea and US.

America is said to have 28500 troops in South Korea. And, South Korea is said to have already paid $925 million this year for military expenditure but Washington wants South Korea to increase it.The North Korean firing that took place hours after US President Donald J. Trump received a ‘beautiful letter’ from Kim Jong-un have not got an official response yet from the Trump administration.

The dichotomy of a growing camaraderie between Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong-un, on one hand, and the series of ballistic missile tests by North Korea and Trump’s pledge for North Korea’s denuclearization is said to be unsettling.Analysts, on the other hand, have accused US President Donald J. Trump of not doing enough to mend the ties between the American allies i.e. Japan and South Korea. The two American allies have been in trade dispute and not much is said to be done by the present US administration to repair the Japan and South Korea ties.