Photo: The Moscow Times

Photo Credit: The Moscow Times

N. Korea Has Miniature Warheads, Says Japan Defence White Paper

In a report republished by Japan Times, Japan have confirmed that North Korea have developed miniature warheads and said that North Korea’s possession of miniature warheads is a matter of ‘serious and eminent threat’. The report was first published in another Japan daily, Yomiuri.

Rodong Sinmun, the mouthpiece of N. Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party of Korea, have said that the joint military drills of the United States and South Korea calls for confrontation and it will continue to develop, test, and deploy powerful warheads for national defence.

Since July 25, North Korea is said to have tested projectiles repeatedly, which is said to be short range ballistic missiles, into the Sea Of Japan as a show of strength against the joint military drills of United States and South Korea.

The tests have been conducted despite North Korea’s Kim Jong un’s ‘beautiful letter’ to US President Donald J. Trump in which the North Korean leader is willing to meet for more summits after the end of the recently concluded joint US -South Korea military drills.

The US President and the North Korean leader have met in Singapore last year and in Hanoi in June this year but North Korea’s denuclearization haven’t yet materialized.

On August 29, the North Korean leader is expected to announce to his top legislative body about his policy on the denuclearization negotiations with the US.