Photo Credit: SCMP

Measles Cases Highest In 12 Years

WHO have released the 2019 half-yearly report for measles cases and it is found that measles cases is highest in 12 years. Europe alone accounts for 90000 reported cases which is higher than the total number of cases reported worldwide in 2018. Measles outbreak is said to be rampant as United States, inter alia, too also reported the highest cases of measles in 25 years.

Experts have said that measles is almost completely preventable by two doses of vaccination. It is said to be a viral infection that starts from the respiratory system and symptoms is said to appear 10-12 days after the infection.

Cough, fever, running nose, red eyes, sore throat, white spots inside the mouth are the symptoms of measles infection. It is said to be highly contagious and is said to subside after 2-3 weeks of infection. Children under the age of 5 are highly susceptible to severe measles infection that can deteriorate into pneumonia and can prove fatal. Immunization is recommended to eradicate measles cases all across.