Photo Credit: AP News

Landslide Victory For Pro Democracy Camp At Hong Kong Election

The pro democracy camp have managed to win 17 out of the 18 district council, thus securing a landslide victory in the recently concluded Hong Kong District Council Election. Out of the 479 district councillors at the District Council, 452 are directly elected.

The Sunday election witnessed pro-Beijing camp suffered a backlash as it could garner only 42 seats out at the 452 constituencies of the Hong Kong district council. In 2015, the pro establishment camp was able to win 292 seat. According to the Registration and Electoral Office of Hong Kong, out of the 4.5 million Hong Kongers that had registered to vote, 71 percent voted in the just concluded district council election. The voter turnout was 47.01 percent in 2015.

Widely seen only as a ‘barometer of support’ for pro-democracy protests, the four year term Hong Kong District Council election is said to have no real power but is said to cater to the local needs and issues such as increasing the bus routes and addressing traffic related issues as well as reopening of convenience stores. It is reported that many of the pro-Democracy candidates have kept ‘five demands and not one less’ in their manifestos. Only one demand has been met i.e the withdrawal of the extradition bill.

Hong Kong has been reeling under massive protests for over five months. The Hong Kong protests which began against a proposed extradition bill have seen unprecedented violence with its universities under seized, two youths being shot, and hurling of tear gases and petrol bombs between the ‘riot’ police and the protesters.

The protests has now changed the tide from the withdrawal of extradition bill to meeting the five demands that include genuine universal suffrage, to abstain from calling June 12 incident a riot, amnesty for those arrested on that particular day, and an independent inquiry into the ‘excessive use of force’ by the police.The recently concluded district council have seen pro establishment bigwigs being ousted and decimated and witnessed the win of pro democracy camp in 17 of the 18 district council.