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Japanese Cities Most Livable In Asia

In case you are wondering if Chinese metropolis or the four Asian tigers made it to the world’s most livable cities, you have to think again. According to the Global Liveability Index 2019 published by the Economic Intelligence Unit, the most livable cities in Asia are in Japan. Tokyo and Osaka are the only Asian cities that made it to 4th and 7th ranked of the global most livable cities.

It is also found that global cities like New York and London didn’t make it to the top ten livable cities but regional cities like Vienna, Copenhagen and regional cities from Canada and Australia have made it to the top ten list of the most livable cities.

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From criteria ranging from high-quality education, well-funded public healthcare and functional transport systems, mid-sized cities from wealthy nations with population ranging between 300000 and a million were indicated as the most livable global cities.

Graded on six spectrum which include healthcare, education, infrastructure, stability, environment and culture and taking 30 factors into account, 140 cities were marked between 1 and 100.

While Vienna retained its first spot for the second consecutive year, developed Asian cities like Hong Kong is ranked at 38th and Singapore at 40th as well as global cities such as New York was placed way below at 48th and London at 58th in the list of world’s most livable cities. Although New York and London scored high on culture, it also scored high on occurence of crime.

The Top Ten Livable Cities of 2019, published by the Economic Intelligence Unit, are:

  1. Vienna
  2. Melbourne
  3. Sydney
  4. Osaka
  5. Calgary
  6. Vancouver
  7. Toronto/ Tokyo
  8. Copenhagen
  9. Adelaide

While Vienna scored a 99.1 percent to make it to the top of the most livable cities in the world, no US cities made it to the top 20.The score of the top twenty cities is said to vary between 0.1 to 5. Meanwhile, numerous cities of South America, Africa, Middle East and South Asia were among the list of the top 10 most unlivable places on earth.