Photo Credit: ABC News

Japan’s Military Ties With S. Korea To Downgrade

In a white paper report published by Japan Times, Japan have said it would lower the security cooperation with South Korea. In 2018, South Korea was Japan’s biggest security cooperation ally after United States.

The Japanese military white paper have said that there would be no further strengthening in military cooperation because of escalating bilateral trade dispute as well as South Korea’s demand for wartime reparation for the Japanese colonial rule of 1910-1945 in Korean Peninsula.

The white paper is reported to have said that wartime reparations have been settled in a 1965 bilateral accord and have asked S. Korea for cooperation in advancing the ties between the two countries ‘in a future oriented manner’.

Japan had also asked South Korea to look into recent incidents that include South Korea’s destroyer allegedly targeting Japan’s exclusive economic zone. The white paper draft that is to be published in September also cited the need for Japan and South Korea to work against the threat posed by North Korea.