Photo Credit: Sirimiri

India Metropolis On A Shoestring Budget

With modern rentals services, travelling into India’s biggest cities is made possible on a pittance

India’s metropolis is an amalgamation of different culture where people of varied hues live. The cities are large and does offer numerous amenities in terms of modern transport as well as cultural extravaganza in terms of festivities. A non-native would feel at ease in India’s metropolis as far as language is concerned, courtesy her British influence. With a USD that comes to 69 Indian rupees, travelling to India’s tier I cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad is possible without causing a dent in the pocket.

From modern Airbnb that is available in all the mentioned cities to numerous hostels that provide dormitory facilities, travelling into India’s biggest cities is feasible even without a proper budgetary allocation for it. And Airbnb is most recommended considering the availability of kitchen, cheaper rentals that are located at favourite locales, and for better exposure into local cultures.

After from the public transport, international car rental services such as Ola and Uber are also available in the Indian metropolis to ease the mode of commute for travellers. What stands out about travelling into Indian cities is that it is the confluence of modernity in thought as well as the prevalence and practice of ancient culture and traditions.

From Mughal and Lutyens architecture in Delhi, Gothic architecture in Mumbai to the Georgian architecture and Chinatown in Kolkatta and to the delectable cuisines as well as the beaches that is located at Chennai or nearby from Bangalore and Hyderabad, reasons are aplenty why you should take a trip to these metropolis.And as all the cities are connected by domestic flights as well as trains, it is possible to travel all the metropolis at one go.

India is 3.287 million km² in size and the cuisine and culture changes every hundred kilometre. And her metropolis is the melting pot of all things good and it also still yet retains the multiculturalism that have been inculcated from the varied traditions and culture that the people bring it with them into the cities.