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Opinion | Hong Kong Shouldn’t Be Made Replaceable By Shenzhen

Amid the Hong Kong protest, China had rolled out a blueprint to make Shenzhen as a global model city by 2050. What is significant about the Shenzhen plan is not only its close proximity to Hong Kong but also by 2050, Hong Kong would ceased to be under ‘one country, two system’ arrangement with China.

It is believed that China would make Shenzhen a model for its ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ approach and compete with Hong Kong that stands for free markets and rule of law. In 1987, Shenzhen was made into a special economic zone from a fishing village under the tutelage of Deng Xiaoping. Over the years, Shenzhen, which is located in close proximity to Hong Kong, have outgrown in term of economic size.

When Hong Kong joined the People Republic of China, its economy constituted 18 percent of the total of China’s. Today, Hong Kong’s economy stand at a meagre 3 percent of the total economy of China. Thus, Hong Kong’s importance as an economic and political model is said to have diminished as the Chinese economy surges.

It is said that Shenzhen will most probably succeed, considering, state sponsored capital inflows but the questions remain: Would China continue to moleculed Hong Kong to aid to its rhetoric of ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’ and will Hong Kong allow it to happen?

Over the years, China have become a very prosperous and powerful country but when it overtook the control of Hong Kong after the end of the leased period of 100 years with Britain, China had agreed status quo in terms of markets, political system and rule of law for Hong Kong.

And thus for many reasons, Hong Kong should be allowed to prosper, saved and made to work at its own will. Hong Kong’s values should be safeguarded and also be made to flourish and prosper. Replacing Hong Kong with Shenzhen would bury up a unique culture and values that have been borne out of the confluence of British and Chinese ethos.

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