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US Calls For Restraint Over Bloodiest Hong Kong Violence

Bloodiest Hong Kong Violence : The five month long Hong Kong protests saw the bloodiest violence on Monday after a student was shot at, a man was set on fire and the police firing tear gases in university campuses. In the agitation that saw Hong Kong protesters, Hong Kong police and Beijing sympathizers clashed, at least 260 protesters were arrested with regard to the Monday violence.

The latest development in the Hong Kong protests saw the United States expressing ‘grave concerns’ and have called for restraint to all the parties after the worst form of violence rocked Hong Kong on Monday since it began its agitation in June after it started protesting over a now defunct extradition bill. Since then, the protests have turned hues and now demands for democracy.

Following the Monday violence, the US State Department have further called for Beijing’s adherence to the Sino-British Joint Declaration that have given autonomy to Hong Kong which guarantees rights to assemble peacefully as well as freedom of expression. It has also asked the Hong Kong government and the protesters for reciprocal communication.

In some parts, railways stopped services and roads were blocked for the second consecutive day leading to traffic jams in other parts of the city. Universities and schools reportedly cancelled classes after police fired tear gas and students hurled petrol bombs on some university campuses on Monday. It is said that over 3000 protesters have been arrested so far since the demonstration began in June this year.

While protesters reportedly see the riots police and their brutality as Beijing meddling and curbing the ‘one country, two systems’ policy, Hong Kong chief executive, Carrie Lam, reportedly said that the Monday violence have exceeded the protesters’ demands for democracy and have now instead become the enemy of the people. On the other hand, Beijing reported have denied interference and have blamed western countries for instigating violence.