Photo Credit: Twitter

Hong Kong Airport Stormed By Protesters

In continuation of the two month long protest that erupted against the new Hong Kong extradition bill, Hong Kong residents have began a three day protest at the Hong Kong International airport.

The protests had started after the Hong Kong government proposed an extradition bill to allow fugitives from mainland China and Macao to be transferred to the jurisdiction where the crime is committed. Subsequently, it encapsulated into a full-fledged protest that witnessed a million residents on the streets of Hong Kong in agitation against the ‘erosion of the independent legal system’ that Hong Kong enjoys under the ‘one country, two systems’. The extradition bill was , consequently, suspended in June this year due to widespread protest.

Clad in black and holding placards that denounced Hong Kong chief executive, Carrie Lam, and other officials; the airport protest is said to aim at raising international awareness against the struggle for anti-extradition bill as well as the demand for greater freedom.

Leased out to Britain for 99 years, Hong Kong was merged into China under the ‘one country, two systems’ for 50 years since 1997, following the end of the said leased period agreement between China and Britain. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region under the People’s Republic Of China enjoys a relatively independent judicial system and a free press.