Photo Credit: The Globe Post

Haiti To Switch Allegiance To Rising China Over Taiwan

Haiti, one of the mere 17 countries to maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan, may switch its allegiance to China. China have been trying to garner support for its ‘one China policy’ and it is said that Haiti, the poorest country in Western Hemisphere, is the latest country to possibly come under China’s loop. Since the election of President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan in 2016, , five countries have reportedly switched their allegiance from Taiwan to China.

In an interview with a Haiti based French language newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, Wang Xiangyang, head of commercial development of China in Haiti, is reported to have said that China will help Haiti in terms of trade, economy, public hygiene and education if it uphold the ‘One China policy’ vis-a-vis Taiwan and China. Wang Xiangyang also further said China will establish normal ties with Haiti and help in providing interest free loans as well. He also said that China will respect the recipient country as well as help fund infrastructure under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as Haiti has huge funding gaps.

While Haiti is said to be still debating the issue, US is reported to have warned Haiti to not come under pressure to cut off ties with Taiwan and switch allegiance to China and be wary of funding promises and ask for details.US had criticised China for keeping poor countries debt ridden through its large scale infrastructure projects. China had denied the accusation and have also reportedly written off loans for many African countries.

One China principle is a policy that acknowledges Beijing and People’s Republic of China as the legitimate representative of China and that Taiwan is a part of China and not a sovereign entity. People’s Republic of China and Republic Of China (Taiwan) had waged war between 1911 till the founding of the PRC in mainland China in 1949, whilst KMT (Kuomintang) fled to the island country to form democratic Taiwan.