Photo Credit: Sky News

Global numbers surpasses China on Covid19 infections and deaths for the first time

According to a new study conducted by John Hopkins University, the number of cases of infection of Coronavirus and the resultant deaths is now greater worldwide than inside China.

While the Chinese National Health Commission have put the number of infections and deaths due to Coronavirus at 80,860 and 3,213 respectively that include four deaths from Hong Kong and one death from Taiwan, the new study have found that there are 87,000 cases of Covid19 cases outside China, with 3,241 deaths.

Earlier last week, the World Heath Organization (WHO) had declared Covid19 as pandemic as it spreads to other countries, it has taken the rest of the world barely a matter of few days for the infection and death numbers to overtake that of China’s.

Photo: John Hopkins University

Italy has the highest number of Covid19 infections outside that of China at nearly 25,000 number of confirmed cases, with death toll at more than 1,800 in numbers. France stands second in Europe with 4,500 cases and 91 deaths, whilst Germany is reported to have 11 deaths and 5,700 cases of infection of Covid19. The death toll and infection cases in Netherlands, Switzerland and UK are said to be 20, 14, 21 deaths and 2,270, 2,200, 1,144 infections respectively. Iran is said to be the next worst affected country after Italy with 14,000 confirmed cases of infection and 724 deaths while US have now recorded 3,500 cases of infection and 57 deaths so far.

Photo: John Hopkins University