Photo Credit: Healthcare America

First Digital Health Meet Held By WHO

From issues ranging from data governance to ethical and cost effective use of digital healthcare solutions, WHO conducted the first ever digital health meet last month. The digital health meet that was held in the WHO headquarters in Geneva outlined four areas to focus in order to enable health solutions through the usage of digital technology.

The four core areas that WHO have zeroed in are as follows:

  • To develop a global framework to validate, implement and scale up digital health technology as well as solutions.
  • To recommend ethical use of digital technologies to strengthen national health systems by improving the quality and coverage of care, and access to health information.
  • To advice on advocacy and partnership models to accelerate use of digital health capabilities to achieve better health outcomes.
  • As well as to advice on emerging digital healthcare technologies with global reach and impact

Bernardo Mariano, director of WHO’s Department of Digital healthcare and Innovation said that “WHO’s goal is to ensure that digital technologies for health that are safe and that can help expand primary health care in order to allow health workers to fight resurgent or new diseases”. Bernardo Mariano further added that what we called new age digital solutions will be the norm in the future.

It is also said that technical advisory group members would meet regularly in the upcoming year to implement WHO’s digital health agenda through the exchange of technical know-how from experts of a wide array of digital health fields, including artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, biomedical innovation, robotic surgery, and wearable technologies; along with health and wellness experts as well as members from the field that concerns ethics, governance, security, economics and law so that insights, guidance, feedback, and new opportunities for WHO’s new digital health endeavour be provided.

Source: WHO