Photo Credit: SCMP

Donald Trump Signs Hong Kong Act Into Law, Furious Beijing Vows To Retaliate

Days after the landmark election of the Hong Kong District Council that saw pro- democracy camp winning 17 out of the 18 district council, US President Donald Trump Signs Hong Kong Act Into Law, thus putting Hong Kong under the radar for an annual review for the special status it enjoys with US.

Under the new law, Hong Kong may not enjoy special concession on trade tariff vis- a-vis US. The US President have also said to have signed a second bill, which bans the export of crowd-control munitions to Hong Kong police that includes tear gas, rubber bullets and stun guns. US would also give Hong Kongers US visas even if they were a part of the Hong Kong protests, said the bill.

Donald Trump Signs Hong Kong Act Into Law Under Which the new law, it would allow US to point fingers at individuals that seemed to curb the basic freedom as well as also counter any loophole on incursion to Hong Kong’s autonomy.

While China’s foreign ministry have reportedly threatened “counter measures” as the Hong Kong Act turned into a law as China have said that the US ‘openly backed violent criminals who rampantly smashed facilities, set fire, assaulted innocent civilians, trampled on the rule of law, and jeopardized social order”, Hong Kongers are celebrating the new Hong Kong Human rights and Democracy law.