Photo Credit: CNN

Covid-19 can be contained but it is also transmitted through urine and faeces

The National Health Commission of China have said that urine and faeces are the additional mode of transmission of Coronavirus and cited research that found Coronavirus in the patient’s stool. China’s Wuhan has been the epicentre of the Coronavirus epidemic that have affected more than 90,000 people since December 2019. South Korea is the second highest place of infected cases after China with more than 5000 people being reported to be infected as well as 32 cases of infected deaths.

Meanwhile, WHO have put the present data on COVID-19 at 90,893 in reported cases and 3,110 in death toll. It has also said that China have reported the lowest number of affected cases at 129 in the past 24 hours, the least in more than two months.

A total of 1848 cases of Coronavirus was reported from 48 countries, apart from China, of which South Korea, Iran and Italy constituted 80 percent of the infected cases. There are 21 countries that have reported cases of just one infection while a total of 122 countries have not reported any cases so far.

WHO said that the new coronavirus is not SARS, neither MERS, or influenza and that it is altogether a unique virus with unique characteristics.

It is said that both COVID-19 and influenza causes respiratory disease and also spread the same way, via small droplets of fluid from the nose and mouth of infected people and animals but the major difference is that unlike influenza, Covid19 doesn’t get transmitted as easily as influenza virus. WHO also says that the second major difference is that COVID-19 causes more severe disease than seasonal influenza. Thirdly, there is still no vaccine for Covid -19 , unlike influenza, and that fourthly, containment of coronavirus is possible.

Succintly put, WHO says that COVID-19 spreads less efficiently than flu, but causes more severe illness than flu, and that there are not yet any vaccines or therapeutics, but it can be contained.