Photo Credit : NYT

Twitter, Facebook Accuse China Of Propaganda Against Hong Kong Protests

Twitter have said that it has suspended 936 accounts which were most active out of a total number of 200000 accounts. The micro-blogging service have accused China for a coordinated state propaganda by sowing political discord in Hong Kong as well as undermining the ground reality of the Hong Kong protests.

Twitter have suspended the accounts for violations of regulations ranging from spam, coordinated activity, fake accounts, attributed activity, and ban evasion.The suspended accounts is said to have accessed Twitter through VPNs as the said microblogging service is banned in China.

Simultaneously, Facebook have said that it has removed 7 pages, 3 groups and 5 accounts for ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’. Upon investigation, Facebook have said that it was used by people associated with the Chinese government. The pages had followers ranging between 15500 accounts and 2200 accounts, said Facebook.