Caution On US Travel Amid Gun Violence

Pertaining to the current onslaught of gun-violence in US that seemed to have propagated a norm of gun culture which have yet again seen mass shooting as recent as last week in Ohio & Texas that killed 31 people, the Amnesty International have issued travel advisory to be cautious and draw up an emergency contingency plan while travelling in the United States.

It has also asked travelers to avoid crowded gatherings such as cultural events, places of worship, schools, bars and casinos. The said human rights organization have also lambasted the Trump administration for not doing enough to enact laws to regulate the possession of firearms ,thereby, putting people’s lives at risk.

The Amnesty International, which is a human rights organization, have also said that certain races, places of origin and sexual orientation are more susceptible and are at higher risk and should , thus, accordingly plan their US visit.