Photo Credit: Foreign Policy

China Reports Zero Cases Of Covid-19 For The First Time Since Outbreak

The positive news coming out of China is that National Health Commission of China have said that there is no new reported cases of Coronavirus from the epicentre Hubei province for the first time since the outbreak. Besides that, China has reported only 34 cases that too from people coming from overseas.

Even the numbers of new deaths was down to single digit at number eight, bringing in the total deaths toll to 3,245 in China. The National Health Commission also reported 23 new suspected cases, thus, putting in the total number of infections at 80,928. It is said that a total of 70,420 patients have already been recovered.

Elsewhere, the number of infected cases has been steadily increasing as the global pandemic rises. It is said that Italy reported 3,526 new cases of Covid19 overnight, whereas Germany reported 4,070 and Spain had reported 4,719 cases of Coronavirus cases overnight. The US also reported 1,875 new cases.

While it has been questioned if Beijing covered up an epidemic in its early stage, it is also said that Chinese doctors only realised that they were dealing with a new disease in late December.

Zhong Nanshan, a leading Chinese epidemiologist, have said that without strong intervention, the coronavirus would not be eliminated.“The core points are the ‘four earlys’: early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, and early quarantine.” helped China majorly.

About 8000 people have died due to the Coronavirus and nearly two lakh people have been infected by Covid 19 globally.

The epicentre of the pandemic, according to WHO, have moved to Europe and that Italy and other European countries are witnessing the first wave of outbreak and thus infected cases of Covid19 is expected to rise in the days to come in Europe and elsewhere.

Source: SCMP