Photo Credit: SCMP

Aviation Board Urges HK Govt To Waive Airport Fees Amid Hong Kong Protests

Over 70 airlines under the umbrella called Board of Airline Representatives (BAR) of Hong Kong have asked the Hong Kong Govt To Waive Airport Fees landing and parking charges as airlines are said to incur losses due to the ongoing Hong Kong protests. A total of 2.4 billion USD was announced as relief package for the damage caused due to the Hong Kong protests but it was said that airlines didn’t come under the ambit of the package. In addition, BAR have asked Hong Kong government to cut miscellaneous airport charges such as renting fees for offices and lounges.

Flights to Hong Kong doesn’t seem financially viable and thus have asked the authority for relief measures to compensate for the loss incurred, said BAR chairman Ronald Lam Siu-por in a letter to the Transport and Housing Bureau of Hong Kong.

BAR have said that the waiving of airport fees would definitely help in bailing out the airlines in such a ‘critical time’ when airlines are experiencing major decrease in passengers flying in and out of Hong Kong. Without the allocation of quick relief measures, operating airlines in Hong Kong doesn’t seem financially viable, added the airline body.

Emphasizing the role of airlines in Hong Kong(Govt To Waive Airport Fees), BAR also mentioned that airlines employ 3,30,000 people in Hong Kong and that 10.2 percent of Hong Kong’s GDP is contributed by the aviation industry.

It is said that passengers travelling to and fro Hong Kong fell in August by 12.4 percent, the highest in a decade. In head count, this accounted for 850000 lesser passengers last month. The Transport and Housing Bureau of Hong Kong will reportedly monitor the situation in order to provide relief measures to the aviation industry.

A Boeing 777-300ER airline flying into Hong Kong is said to pay HK$110,732 each time that included landing and parking fees, government fees as well as miscellaneous passenger charges.