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Asia Today | Kim Invites Trump To N. Korea, Vandalism and Rival Clashes In Hong Kong

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un Invites US President Donald J.Trump To Pyongyang

A report in a South Korean newspaper have said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have invited US President Donald J. Trump to Pyongyang for another summit.Neither the White House nor the North Korean officials have confirmed the report.US President Donald J. Trump have met the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un thrice since last year. US President Donald J. Trump last met the North Korean leader in June this year on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea. Previous talks of North Korea’s denuclearization between the two leaders haven’t yet bore results. Meanwhile, North Korea is reported to have tested a series of short range projectiles into the Sea of Japan.

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Vandalism and Rival Clashes In Hong Kong Protests

Vandalism in Hong Kong protests haven’t spared the public properties and the most prominent is the Central MTR subway. While the MTR Corp. have been accused of partnering with the government and the police to suppress the protests by closing stations to prevent protesters from moving freely, vandalism on the part of Hong Kong protesters have seen them vandalising public properties including landmark such as Central MTR.

Meanwhile, clashes broke out between pro-Beijing group and the Hong Kong protesters on weekend.The pro-Beijing group is reported to have shouted ‘Support the police’ and ‘Power to China’ and it is said that violent clashes occurred between the rival camps in the Kowloon Bay area.Hong Kong has been reeling under protests for the past three months with no respite despite the withdrawal of the extradition bill. With prominent pro-democracy activists such as Joshua Wong in the US camping for humanitarian support to the Hong Kong protests and US lawmakers pushing for the Hong Kong Human Rights and Pro-Democracy Act 2019, Hong Kong protests, that has brought untold damage to the economy, public properties and life, sees no end in the near future.