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Asia Today | China Shoppers Now Uses Facial Payment, 430000 Homes In Japan Without Power

China Shops With Facial Payment Now

China have now embraced facial recognition payment instead of other modes of payment. So shoppers can now avail of the goods and services by facial payment, enabling anybody to not carry anything but step out light while going out. Shoppers in China have to stand in front of the camera and link their purchase with a facial payment by simply posing in front of the point of sale (POS). It is said that the mobile payment technology in China is one of the most advanced but the new facial recognition payment is made to look the mobile payment outdated.

Alipay, the mobile payment churned out by e-commerce giant Alibaba and Tencent, which run WeChat with over 600 million users, have been trying to cash in the new facial recognition payment with such as ‘smile to pay’ etc. The facial payment technology ,though, widely used in China and have helped in nabbing criminals; authorities have received flakes for using it to crack down dissent in places like Xinjiang. While users have defended that it protects privacy as there is no worry for stolen password when paying through facial recognition technology, many people are said to be not using it more out of vanity.

430000 Homes Near Tokyo Powerless Due to Typhoon Faxai

Atleast 430000 homes in Chiba Prefecture, which is near Tokyo have been left without power and water, two days after Typhoon Faxai hit Japan. It is also reported that two elderly people in the prefecture have also died because of heatstroke and dozens have been hospitalized because of suspected heat exhaustion. It is said that power couldn’t be resumed in the Chiba Prefecture because of thunderstorms and many people were queued up at the city hall to fetch water and recharge their phones. When the Typhoon Faxai hit Japan on Monday, it is reported to have claimed 3 people and injured 40 people from various prefectures of Japan.

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