Photo Credit: BBC

Asia Today:China Rears Polar Bear Sized Pigs, Facemasks Banned And Defied In Hong Kong

Polar Bear Sized Pigs Bred In China To Meet The Shortage

In order to counter the African swine flu epidemic that have made China culled pigs leading to pork shortages and rise of pork prices, it is reported that China have starting rearing Polar Bear Sized Pigs. While the average weight of the pig is around 125 kg, China is said to be breeding pigs as big and heavy as 500 kg that is sold as high as 1400 USD. To counter pork shortages, pigs are being breed, on an average, at 175 to 200 kg as against the normal 125 kgs. China is said to be 10 million tones short of pork supply this year and the trend is said to continue till mid 2020.

China Bans Facemasks In Hong Kong Protests and Have Been Met With Defiance

Facemasks in Hong Kong protests have been banned since Saturday. Hong Kong Chief Executive, Carrie Lam, who have been criticized for invoking century old emergency law, have said that the new law will have a deterrent effect and thus would help in restoring calm and peace in Hong Kong. Despite the ban, Hong Kong protesters, in an act of defiance, reportedly marched into the streets of Hong Kong with face masked.

Hong Kong have been reeling under massive protests for over 100 days since the proposal of extradition bill that would have allowed mainland fugitives to be sent back and tried in China. The extradition bill have since been suspended and withdrawn but the protests have seen no respite. Hong Kongers have been demanding for democracy as well as reaffirmation of China to ‘one country, two systems’ principle. After a teenaged student in Hong Kong was shot on the National Day of PRC, Carrie Lam, Hong Kong Chief Executive, have since declared a ban on facemasks that have become a symbol of Hong Kong protests.