Photo Credit: Crux Now

600 Filipinos Faces Deportation In Israel

Of the 28000 Filipino workers who are in Israel, it has been said that around 600 Filipino workers faces deportation for loss of residency status and also for breaching residency clause by starting a family.

This stance was said to be taken to appraise the fear of losing a Jew majority status in Israel-which was formed as the homeland for Jews-in the face of influx of non-Jews into Israel.

Last week, migrants, Filipino workers and supporters is said to have protested in Tel Aviv, Israel against the policy of deporting Israeli born children after Filipino worker Perez and her Israel-born teenaged son were deported. She had breached the residency status given to foreign workers for 5 years by living in Israel illegally for another 12 years.

The protesters is reported to have said that it is a cruel policy to deport Israeli born children of migrant workers to a country that is alien to them.