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134 Million Patients Receive Unsafe Healthcare Annually, Says WHO Report

134 Million Patients Receive Unsafe Healthcare Annually : In commemoration of the first World Patient Safety Day, the WHO (World Health Organization) have released data that have put the number of deaths that occur every year, due to unsafe healthcare, at 2.6 million. It is said that these deaths ,which have been led by events of unsafe healthcare numbering at 134 million annually, were avoidable.

It has also been said that 4 out of 10 people are harmed during the primary and ambulatory stage and that 80 percent of it was completely avoidable. These include diagnosis, prescription and the use of medicines. WHO have kept the cost of medication errors at 42 billion USD and that unsafe surgical procedure have caused a quarter of the complications in patients leading to 1 million deaths every year.And most of the unsafe healthcare and harmful practice occur in low and middle income countries, says the WHO report ( 134 Million Patients Receive Unsafe Healthcare).

WHO have called for the reduction in harmful and unsafe practices in healthcare and have said that merely by reducing the ill practices, 15 percent of hospital expenses amounting to billions of rupees could be saved.

With ‘Speak up for patient safety’ as its theme, on this first World Patient Safety Day, WHO have urged, healthcare workers, policy makers and health care industry to adhere to patient safety as its core priority and have asked patients to speak up on harm caused by healthcare workers.

Considering that the number of patients that are harmed and the presence of unsafe practices in healthcare, it is said to be important to prioritize adequate patient’s care so that unsafe healthcare is reduced that would help decrease avoidable patient’s death as well as reduce expenses in patients safety failures.

And as part of the first World Patient Safety Day, the city of Geneva will lit up the Jet d’Eau which is a large fountain and Geneva’s most famous landmark. WHO has its headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland.